Beauty without Trade-offs

Beauty without Trade-offs

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While it is true that beauty lies within, we cannot underrate the importance of outer looks especially nowadays when competition both in our professional and personal lives is very stiff, and the standards of beauty are becoming increasingly high.

I’m one of those who value physical beauty a lot, and not because I am vain. It simply makes me good whenever I see myself looking good. It gives me feeling of gratification and boosts my self-esteem. Even those tagged as the most beautiful faces in the celebrity world keep on finding ways to continuously enhance their looks, so why shouldn’t?! I know I am beautiful (at least in my own right and in the eyes of the man who really loves me) but not as beautiful as them. I believe that i owe it to myself to age gracefully, not just mentally, socially, emotionally, or psychologically – but physically as well. And part of that is to enhance what can be enhanced. As in my case, I knew very well that it was my nose.

My nose wasn’t too bad at all. But my bridge was a bit wide and not high enough to be in harmony with the rest of my facial features. My nasal tip needs to be augmented as well. Good thing, my nose is not flaring and not too wide. Though I had always wanted to have a nose lift, from the start I knew I didn’t want to come out of this experience looking like someone else. I wanted to still look like myself – only better. To achieve the natural results I was searching for, I knew that I needed two things: an experienced doctor with an artistic eye specializing in rhinoplasty or “nose jobs”, and a very good implant that need to be replaced every couple of years to avoid complications. Silicone was never part of my options. I read and heard a lot about its many complications from the internet and individuals, who suffered from material rejection, implant deviation and nasal contraction. I have actually seen a couple of friends who had deformed noses after a few years of undergoing nose surgery. I have seen how they got worse by suffering not only physically but emotionally and psychologically as well, to the extent of withdrawing from their usual social life. Though I put a premium on beauty, I believe that undergoing the knife is not worth it if it will mean a significant trade-off by making me feel miserable physically. That’s why initially; I was a bit hesitant subjecting myself to a nose lift.

I learned about safe implant alternatives like autologous rib cartilage harvesting and the irradiated donor cartilage. However, the price of those implant s alone is so prohibitive that I could have bought myself a slightly used second hand car with the amount. There must be something as safe as cartilage implants with an affordable price, I told myself. All I had to do was keep on researching.

My efforts doing my homework finally paid off. At age 34, I met Dr. Levi John Lansangan of Dr. Shimmian Aesthetic Center while I was doing one of my projects. Having trained in Korea for several years in crafting the ideal nasal profile, I instantly knew that he was the doctor I had been looking for. I was impressed not only because of his aesthetic surgical foresight but for the advanced technology that he brought in to the country – the reconstructive rhinoplasty using the GORE-TEX® implant.

All of my apprehensions of having a nose lift suddenly vanished with my very first conversation with Dr. Lansangan. His expertise with the GORE-TEX® implant was definitely the answer to my long wait. I was very pleased to find out that GORE-TEX® is a safe, worry-free and silicone-free approach” in augmenting the nose. As a soft and porous material, as it allows growth of human tissues into the empty spaces within it, helping anchor the implant in the treated area. Oftentimes judged as the best implant by many nasal surgery experts, GORE-TEX®’s soft consistency allows it to blend well with the contours on the nose, providing a natural-looking nose lift as if one was born with it. More importantly, it is safe, with nil chances of rejection. This natural and rapid growth of tissues within and through

The GORE-TEX® implant allows our bodies to treat it not like a foreign object – something a hard implant like silicone is not capable of. This inflexibility and inability of silicone to incorporate into the surrounding tissues puts pressure on the normal movement of the nose, which eventually leads to contracture formation, material rejection and other complications. This further deforms the nose, defeating the purpose of improving. What I actually dreaded most was the fact that silicone had been proven to help develop calcified tissue deposits, which in turn causes cancer. This finding compelled first would countries to ban it for surgical use.



Being the only Filipino member of the advanced rhinoplasty research team in Asia, I told myself that Dr. Lansangan must be really good. Add to this credentials his authorship of Sub-Nasale Flap published in the Plastic Reconstructive Surgery Journal, I decided not to look for anyone else. His dedication and extensive years of experience in nasal craftsmanship have brought him local and international recognition among patients and aesthetic surgical societies. And I was proven right with my assessment. Now, no one would ever guess I had my nose done. My new nose looks like it fits my face and no one believes me when I tell them I had a nose lift. A day after my nasal splint   was removed, my nose was still a bit swollen when my parents mentioned that I looked so much younger and more beautiful but they couldn’t exactly pinpoint why. They didn’t notice that it was my nose that was different, though it didn’t look the same anymore. Good thing there’s the GORE-TEX® nose lift. My nose looks so natural. Far more important than that, I’m assured that inside me is a safe implant that will last a lifetime.  Plus I can still engage in active sports without any worry of getting an injury, which might lead to implant rejection. In less than a week, I was back to work and happily overwhelmed with the positive remarks from the people around me.

These days, whenever I visit Dr. Shimmian Aesthetic Center, I couldn’t help wondering why lots of patients go there to fix their noses when they are already blessed with beautiful ones. Then I realized that just like me, they had their noses done and just want to express their gratitude to the one who made them so beautiful with their new natural-looking noses.

What adds to my amazement is the growing number of younger patients of about 17 to 25 years old flocking to his clinic to undergo a nose lift or other facial surgery procedures. Sometimes I regret not having had it done when I was around that age, when I could have benefited the most. My best consolation is, nowadays most of the people I know (including my better half who has always been my worst critic) tell me that I am more beautiful with my new nose, making me look about then years younger. And that’s without any trade-offs!

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