GORE-TEX: The point of having a Noselift

GORE-TEX: The point of having a Noselift

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“THE PURSUIT OF BEAUTY can and has to be achieved without any significant trade-off. Beauty and safety must always go hand in hand, otherwise. There’s no point.

“Noselift Surgery aims to improve the patient’s beauty and self-esteem as well. Therefore, as surgeons, we should make this a very pleasant experience for them. Not only by crafting a permanent aesthetic result, but more importantly by ensuring that the (noselift) procedure is free of any eventual complications needing no repeat procedures after a couple years…, “ stressed Dr. Levi Lansangan, Medical Director of Dr. Shimmian Aesthetic Center in his lecture during the last Asia Pacific Academy of Cosmetic Surgery World Congress held last March 3, 2007.

Dr. Lansangan, the only Filipino member of the advanced rhinoplasty research team in Asia and the author of Sub-Nasale Flap published recently in Plastic Reconstructive Surgery Journal, has dedicated his life in the pursuit of safe alternatives for nasal enhancement. With his extensive training in Korea and the chance to work with many nasal surgery masters for several years, he has developed. This led him to the introduction of GORE-TEX in the Philippines.

As a soft and porous material, GORE-TEX allows growth of human tissues into its empty spaces within in helping anchor the implant in the treated area. This natural and rapid growth of tissues within and through the implant allows our bodies to treat is as something not foreign, something which a hard implant like silicone is not capable of.

As a pioneer of GORE-TEX noselift and the first and only clinic in the Philippines, more Filipinos flock in Dr. Shimmian Aesthetic Center. Dr. Shimmian Aesthetic Center is located at Unit 2601-2602 Medical Plaza Ortigas, San Miguel Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

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