Need a Lift?

Need a Lift?

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Jang Mi, a 21-year-old Korean studying here in the Philippines, is about to graduate. She has been thinking of the perfect graduation gift to ask from her mom. An endless list of choices went through her head – a spankin’ new car, a month-long getaway to Europe, the top-of-the-line laptop. She was slimming down her choices and was about to come up with her final decision when she came across a Korean newspaper touting the latest in cosmetic surgery. GORE-TEX Rhinoplasty. Compare to silicone implants, it said, GORE-TEX is way safer and gives the best results.



Gore-Tex Rhinoplasty makes use of expanded Gore-Tex (polytetrafluoroethylene), discovered by Wilbert Gore in 1958, which was primarily used as insulation for electronics wires. Gore-Tex was approved in 1975 as a replacement for human tissue and was when utilized for coronary bypass operations. Combined with radioactive tests which showed that no chemical decomposition happens to the material even during outdoor exposure after a century, Gore-Tex is the only nasal augmentation material that is approved in Europe and in the US. Its suppleness and ability to blend well to the natural contours of the nose also makes Gore-Tex ideal in rhinoplasty.



Jang had wanted to have her dream nose for the longest time, but was hesitant because she want afraid of becoming a cosmetic surgery nightmare. Gore-Tex Rhinoplasty seemed the safest solution. The only question is, was it already available here in the country?

The heavens opened when she found out about Dr. Levi John Lansangan. Trained in Shimmian Plastic Surgery Center, the center of rhinoplasty in Asia (it performs an average of 10 noselifts a day!), he is the first to bring Gore-Tex Rhinoplasty to the Philippines. According to him, 80% of his clientele here are composed of Koreans, while the remaining are Pinoys. Most come to him to correct the damage brought about by silicone rhinoplasty.

Silicone, Lansangan admits, is easy to implant and easier on the pocket than Gore-Tex, Twenty years after its boom, however, its downsides have been coming to fore: bodily rejection, wherein the silicone implant forces its way out of the skin; or the natural bodily reaction called contraction, wherein the cells and tissue form a shell around the foreign body (the implant), and closes in on it, resulting in malformation of the nose. Due to the soft consistency of Gore-Tex, patients also don’t have to worry about changing their lifestyles. Silicone implant patients are warned to not engage in any contact sports, as any impact – even mild – can cause the implant to move. Gore-Tex rhinoplasty ensures patients that they can engage in any sports that they want – even scuba diving!

Jang convinced her mom to finance the operation. A month of pangungulit passed and the mom finally gave in. Jang then immediately went to Clinica Dermatologica to consult with Dr. Lansangan. Afrer explaining the process to her, Dr. Lansangan performed the operation.

“The operation itself didn’t hurt at all. It’s just the following week that’s hard because I had difficulty breathing, but the doctor gave me antibiotics to ease the pain,” Jang shares.

But a week of discomfort in nothing compared to the flattering remarks that she constantly receives from her friends since the operation. “They say it looks really natural, as if I didn’t have my nose done. I couldn’t agree more.”

Though Gore-Tex Rhinoplasty takes longer than regular silicone implantation (a procedure can take up to two hours), the surgeon deftly reconstructs the nose and “molds” the Gore-Tex to fit the nose and give it a more natural-looking appearance.



Happy with the “finished product,” Jang has nothing but praises for Dr. Lansangan of Clinica Dermatologica. “Gore-Tex Rhinoplasty should actually be the only choice for patients planning to have a nose enhancement because in the long run, they could enjoy a freer lifestyle since they don’t have to worry that their precious nose would get deformed with just a bit of physical activity,” Jang says.

Now that’s something that really lifts-even the spirits!

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