The Pursuit of Beauty

The Pursuit of Beauty

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Changes in the appearance of the nose have a profound effect on overall facial aesthetics. Minimal alterations can dramatically improve one’s appearance which usually leads to the enhancement of the patient’s self-confidence. Feelings of inferiority, awkwardness and anxiety are often replaced by pleasure and boost on self-esteem. However, the pursuit of nasal beauty has to be achieved without any significant trade-off.

Dr. Levi Lansangan of Dr. Shimmian Aesthetic Center, the pioneer of GORETEX noselift in the Philippines, member of the advanced rhinoplasty research team in Asia and the author of “Sub-Nasale Flap” published recently in Plastic Reconstructive Surgery Journal has dedicated his life in the pursuit of safe alternatives for nasal enhancement. His dedication, surgical foresight and extensive years of experience in nasal craftsmanship have brought him local and international recognition among patients and aesthetic surgical socities.

Working among the nasal surgery masters for several years, he has developed a technique to deliver a safe, worry-free, and silicone-free noselift using GORE-TEX implant, an advanced FDA approved material for the repair or enhancement of the soft tissues of the facial area including nasal augmentation.

Unlike with silicone implant wherein tissues simply encapsulate around it, GORE-TEX has the ability to incorporate into the surrounding tissue thus eliminating material rejection, eventual nasal contractions and other complications. GORE-TEX implant’s pore sizes range from 0.5 to 30 microns. Over time, human tissue grow into these empty spaces within it helping anchor the implant in the treated area. This natural and rapid growth of tissues within and trough the implant allows our bodies to treat it as something not foreign.

This implant provides permanent natural-looking results, requires to allergy-testing and can be trimmed to fit. Given the durability of GORE-TEX and the body’s acceptance of it, this material lasts a lifetime.

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